Jason Machinski


I have been working at the college for 12 years and perviously have owned and operated two photographic businesses with my business partner and wife. A commercial photography / video company and a portrait and wedding studio.

Before photography became my career I was an avid street photographer and enjoyed working in black and white darkrooms. I also have a background in graphic and web design.

A graduate of the Algonquin College Photography Program I also hold a degree from Carleton University in the Religion specializing in the Psychology of Religion. At University I also studied Art focusing on American and European Art and Photography.

I have a passion for the art and craft of image making in any form. Currently I teach History, Visual Perception & Design, Video and Web Marketing For Photographers within the program.

Personal Work

This ongoing series of images focuses on the individual within urban environments and the notion of the truthfulness of a photographic image.

As we become more "connected" in the digital world we seemed to have lost a willingness to reach out and connect to others in the physical world.  This series is an observation of this phenomena, but one must remember that a photograph is not always truthful.  It is a recording of a split second in time and the photographer's choice of framing, composition and lens are intentional to enhance the narrative.  This is the beauty and the power of photography, the ability to visually communicate an idea, prove a point or manipulate the viewer.     

Lens 70-200mm mostly shot at 200mm to compress the space, also allows me to photograph a subject without them noticing. Shallow depth of field is used to further isolate the main subjects. Compositionally the rule of thirds is used to further reinforce the main subject and provide spacial organization. All images are horizontal, cropped to a 16x9 aspect ratio to give the images a cinematic feel.

Influences: Robert Frank and Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Jason Machinski
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