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Will I need to purchase a Digital Camera?

No, we provide the cameras. We have Nikon, Canon, Sony DSLR cameras, Canon motion cameras, Hasselblad and Phase One medium format cameras that may be reserved for assignments or personal work from our Equipment Room.

Will I need to purchase a laptop computer?

Yes.  you must purchase your own laptop computer, Algonquin College’s Photography Program is Mac based, hardware and software needs are very specific. This is a prerequisite for acceptance to our program.

All current MacBook Pro laptops will be adequate for use within the program. however, we recommend the 15 MacBook Pros.

This recommendation is based on student feedback.  The graphics card aids in the operation of still and motion editing software used within the Program.

All new laptops have a one-year warranty from Apple. If you wish to purchase the 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan it is optional but highly recommended.

Will I need an external hard drive and card reader?

Yes, we highly recommend a 1TB LaCie Hard Drive.  We also highly recommend purchasing your own Multi-Card Reader that will accept SD, SDHC, SDXC, Compact Flash and Micro SD.

This recommendation is based on student feedback.

Will I need to purchase specific software for my computer?

Yes.  You will have to purchase Capture One Pro’s latest photo editing software.  However, please do not purchase this software until you are notified, as our students receive a discount, details to be emailed to you in July.   

Will I need to purchase any Adobe software?  No, you will be provided with a current full version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud which will give you access to all Adobe software. You will also receive the Microsoft Office Suite.  You will receive the software the first week of classes.

Will I need to purchase Microsoft Word?

No.  You will be provided with a current version of Microsoft Office Suite. and Adobe’s Creative Cloud. You will receive the software the first week of classes.

Do I need to purchase a light meter?

No. The program will supply you with the use of an ambient/flash meter with spot attachment. It must be returned on the completion of your course.

Do I need to purchase ink-jet paper and inks?

No. We provide the ink-jet paper (EpsonHahnemuehle and Canson) and inks for all assignments.

Where should I purchase my supplies? 

There are several professional photographic suppliers located in Ottawa and online who stock equipment and photographic supplies, Vistek and Henry’s.

Will I need to purchase course books?

Yes, however, we recommend you wait until you meet your teachers during the first week of classes. Some books will be required and others recommended. Used books may be purchased from former students or online discounted sources. The Internet is also a great resource of information when necessary.

How much will I spend on supplies? 

Based on financial data received from our students, expect to spend approximately $1,350 the first year and $1,000 the second year on books, digital imaging supplies and incidentals.


Is this a technical or artistic program?

Photography involves both art and technique, take a look online to see some alumni and student work.   Our program has a large technical component, however, you will have the opportunity to do artistic work as well.  You should expect to do a lot of technical work in the first term which concentrates on developing your technical skills.

What is the cost of the Algonquin Photography Program?

The cost of tuition and all subsequent fees are located online here.

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When and how to apply?

Applications are accepted through ontariocolleges.ca starting in late September and concluding by February 1st.  We are a program with a lot of interest so the earlier you apply the better chance you have of getting accepted!!


Portfolio requirement for acceptance?

No. A portfolio is not a requirement of new applicants.  However, during the Interview (see below) you are welcome to bring in a portfolio for the Faculty to review.  Should the number of qualified applicants exceed the number of available places, applicants will be selected on the basis of their proficiency in English and Mathematics, providing your application for Fall Term admission is received by February 1st. 

Can I talk with someone about the program?

Yes, if you like to speak to our First Year Cordinator, Jason Machinski, about the program you can book an inperson, phone or virtual meeting with him.  Please email him to arrange one: machinj@algonquincollege.com


What Camera and Lenses will I have access to?

The program will provide you with access via our Equipment Room to large format view cameras and lenses (Sinar), medium format digital cameras, backs and lenses (Phase OneHasselblad & Mamiya), professional DSLR cameras and lenses (Nikon & Canon).

What Studio and Lighting Gear will I have access to?

You have 24/7 access to fully equipped Studios.  The Studios are equipped with tungsten lights (Mole-Richardson), flashes (Photogenic & Speedotron, Profoto), florescent video lights (Kino Flo) a large variety of   soft boxes, beauty dishes, octolights, booms, stands, tripods, lighting modifiers, and other grip gear.

Take the Photography Program Studio Virtual Tour.

Click Image The Above To Take The Photography Studio Virtual Tour

Click Image The Above To Take The Photography Studio Virtual Tour

What On Location Lighting Gear will I have access to?

Portable flash battery packs (ProfotoElinchrom & Speedotron) for on location shooting along with reflectors and diffusers (California Sunbounce & Photoflex) for natural light location shooting are available to you via our Equipment Room.

What Printing and Scanning Equipment will I have access to?

You have access to wide format professional printers along with a variety of paper and other mediums to print on.   Our print labs also contain film and print scanners, print viewing booths, colour management systems, button makers, t-shirt printers and more.

Take the Photography Program Production Lab Virtual Tour.

Click Image The Above To Take The Photography Production Lab Virtual Tour

Click Image The Above To Take The Photography Production Lab Virtual Tour

What internet, computer & print facilities do I have access to?

All Algonquin College students are provided with an e-mail account and Internet access from home.  Along with this Photography students are allowed daily access to the Photography Program computer and printing labs. 


What if I already own a PC?

Unfortunately, PC platforms are not acceptable as they are not compatible with the software, hardware and photographic equipment in the program.

What if I already own a Mac?

If you already own a MacBook Pro or a MacBook laptop that was purchased within the last two years with a minimum of 4GB of RAM with preferably a 1GB graphics card you will be fine.