ADOBE - Website Award

Hello Bre, 

Thank you once again for taking the time to judge this award, below are links to the student websites submitted for this award.  

Criteria For The Award:

  1. All students used Squarespace to build their site so our focus was not on coding but more on design and functionality.  .  
    1. The site should have an overall consistent feel and be well branded, an overall colour scheme, fonts, etc.. 
    2. Main page needs to have impact and entices the viewer to continue through the site.
    3. About or Bio page needs to have an image of them and a bio that is professional and tells the viewer something about them and their services.
    4. Their contact info should be easy to find.  
    5. The blog on their site has content that is professional and reflects their business, with links to their main social media platform. 
  2. But mostly pick one that you feel comes across as the most professional and the one that you like the best, thanks.  

We need the winner of the award picked by this Thursday March 30 along with a synopsis on why you picked them, also please pick a runner up, thanks.  




Eric Reid:

Morgan Halladay:

Kyleight Telford: 

Maya Desrosiers:

Laura Patterson:

Michaela Jerry:

Molly Wright:

Emily Beekmans:

Angelica Luengas-Santos:

Jeff Francoeur:

Ian Green:

Alaa Busedra:

Mariah Clement:

Connor Rumbold:

Katie Weber:

Megan Thorp-Levitt:

Erin Britt:

Courtney Townsend:

Gee Racine:

Grace de Castro:

Tom Wood:

Nikki Kearley: