Canon - Best Photographic Series

Hello Jennie, 

Thank you once again for taking the time to judge this award, below are the submissions.  We need the winner of the award picked by this Thursday March 30 along with a synopsis on why you picked them, also please pick a runner up, thanks.  

Emily Beekmans

Erin Britt

Alaa Busedra

Grace De Castro

Maya desrosiers

Regan Deveau

Kymrie Ewart

Jeff Francoeur

Tarek Ghanem

Ian Green

Michaela Jerry

Nikki Kearley

Angelica Luengas-Santos

Laura Patterson

Gee Racine

Connor Ambrose Campbell Rumbold

Kyleigh Telford

Megan Throp-Levitt

Courtney Townsend

Molly Wright