Photography Program Open House Presentation

Click image above to download the Open House Presentation

Click image above to download the Open House Presentation

This is the current presentation we do at our Program and College Open Houses.

If you can not make it out to an Open House download this and give it a read, it covers:

  • Program Requirements
  • Program Overview
  • Classes
  • Alumni Profiles
  • And More!!


Rob Lloyd – Alumnus Spotlight

I can say with confidence that the past two years studying in the photography program at Algonquin College have been the best educational years of my life thus far. Unsure of the path that I wanted to pursue, I knew that I was making the right choice for myself when I decided to switch into the program.

From learning the technical aspects of photography in the classroom to developing my creative skills in the studio, the program has done a remarkable job in preparing me for a career as a professional photographer.

With incredibly dedicated Faculty and Staff who are here to help you every step of the way and access to a vast amount and variety of professional gear, the Algonquin College photography program delivers a wonderful learning experience all while doing so in a positive and friendly environment.

Not only since beginning the program have I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge about photography and multimedia, but most importantly I’ve also learned a great deal about myself as an artist. I’m immensely looking forward to the opportunities that the Algonquin College photography program has helped opened up for me and cannot wait to begin my journey as a photographer.


All the video interviews above were shot and edited by Rob Lloyd!!

Katee Pederson – Alumnus Spotlight

I had applied at 4 other colleges in Southern Ontario but was unsold until my visit to Ottawa. After touring Algonquin and meeting with a professor from the program, I knew that this was the school I wanted to attend. The program was clearly established with knowledgable professors and a vast equipment room. Being able to borrow professional gear from the school at no extra cost proved to be extremely valuable throughout my time in the program.

I am able to enter the work field with plenty of experience using equipment that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. I was also able to experiment with different types of cameras, from 4×5 view cameras (both film and with a digital back) to underwater DSLR’s. The main factor in my success, however, was the faculty. The professors have ample experience in the industry and know what to teach to give us an edge in such a competitive field. More importantly, they are dedicated to our success. Because of the smaller program size, they are able to get to know the students and give individual help and advice on anything from technical issues when lighting a set to opinions on branding for our future businesses.

The insight I gained from one on one meetings over the course of the program is invaluable. The professors are interested and invested in what we are doing, focused on giving us the tools we need to thrive upon graduation. Combined with comprehensive learning outcomes, this program is exactly what I needed to become a well rounded, competent photographer.



First Year student Calvin Peters talks about his strongest image.
First Year student Grace Decastro talks about her strongest image.


This two-year diploma program is designed to train students to capture, create, and alter images demonstrating a professional level of craft and creativity in digital imaging. Digital knowledge and skills are integrated with the fundamentals of photography to emphasize the creation of images that communicate effectively, and meet the needs of a client.

Students will create a state of the art portfolio, as well as a web site, using high-end digital cameras to capture professional quality images that demonstrate their creative or technical skills and abilities. Our large photography studios are equipped with up-to-date tungsten and electronic flash lighting systems, lighting booms, soft-boxes and professional backdrops.

Our networked, post-production computer labs are equipped with Mac Cinema Display monitors; film and flatbed scanners; ink-jet and laser printers; viewing booths; mounting press; and colour management systems which allow you to produce high-quality images using industry standard software.

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For more information please contact:

Jason Machinski, First Year Coordinator
p: 613-727-4723 ext: 5813 


Can’t make it in but want to see the program, email us to schedule a time for a live video tour of the Program Facilities.

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